Who We Are

ORL Productions began as Dr. Lounsbury’s hobby making funny movies for hospital Christmas parties. He named the "production company" Otorhinolounsburgology Productions after his specialty (otorhinolaryngology). This mouthful of a name was abbreviated to ORL Productions to make life easier for everyone.

The first ORL movie intended for a wider audience was "Why Don't We Do It In Our Sleeves?" It was Dr. Lounsbury’s answer to the lack of response he saw during the bird flu scare when authorities were trying to teach hygienic coughing and sneezing. It has been a huge success because it is entertaining AND it works! People of all ages change the way they cough and sneeze as a result of watching the video. ORL Productions followed this with “Soap in the City,” a romantic riff on the story of Typhoid Mary that teaches hand hygiene. In 2010 ORL created a 2 DVD set with “Sleeves” and “Soap” and added four other features on hand washing to make a complete cough etiquette/respiratory hygiene primer. That same year ORL also produced “Icky Tooth,” a guide to the essentials of dental hygiene and the most technically ambitious project yet.

Ben Lounsbury MDBen Lounsbury MD, Writer, Producer, Director
Ben has been making home movies and funny movies for hospital Christmas parties for years. In his day job, he is an ear, nose and throat physician in Lewiston, Maine. He spends all of his spare moments, when he's not riding his bicycle or nordic skiing, shooting and editing video.


Bonnie Lounsbury Marketing DirectorBonnie Lounsbury, Marketing Director
Bonnie has been putting up with Ben's quirky sense of humor for nearly 40 years. During this time, she has worked in land conservation in Androscoggin County, Maine. She has shown her acting prowess as the Tooth Fairy in Icky Tooth.


Natalie Lounsbury Odd Jobs PersonNatalie Lounsbury, Odd Jobs Person
As the younger of Bonnie and Ben's two children, Natalie has also been drafted into the family business in an occasional acting role (she was coerced into playing Typhoid Mary in Soap in the City), as a website designer, and for other odd jobs. She tries to remember to floss every night.


Phil Powell and FamilyPhil Powell and Family, Technical Assistant and DVD authoring
Phil taught Ben everything Ben knows about computer editing and still receives an occasional emergency help call from him. Phil teaches Claymation at Fiddlehead Center for the Arts in Maine, when he can get away from his day job. His talented filmmaker twin daughters are featured in “Sleeves.” Watch the Powell family productions at: www.brbfilms.com.

Many other community members are involved in ORL Productions. Thank you to all of them!

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