Broadcast, Streaming and Closed Circuit Licenses

Reach large groups of people with a public health message on coughing and sneezing, hand washing or dental hygiene through a video broadcast. We offer three types of licenses for all our videos: intranet streaming license for password protected sites, closed circuit license for closed circuit television, and broadcast license for local cable access television. Our videos have been shown by hospitals on closed circuit patient education television, by municipalities on local cable access television, by intranet sites at universities through student health services, and by in house sites at workplaces for employee health and wellness programs. The license includes Spanish, French (Canadian), ASL and the English captioned versions as well as the English version.

The fee for one license is $175 plus $5 for each 1000 viewers. This is a one-time fee. There is a 50% discount for a second license. If you wish to purchase a license, please contact us.

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